About me

Music has always been my engine. It gives me power in the morning, during work and when socializing – connecting with awesome people. Similar to a vitalizing coffee, music is my wave to go.

Mainstream music never felt right to me. It did not drive me. I searched for more passion, true authenticity and emotional melodies. One summer I had the chance to enjoy Ibiza. I instantly connected with the music played in the clubs, something I have never really heard before – Trance and Progressive House. Wow, I loved that music and I listened to it every day from then on – but most importantly – I wanted to recreate the feels that I experienced.

Life spreads so many moments of joy, fulfilment, love, but also failure and sorrow. I said to myself, you have to collect these inspirations and create emotions, memories and transmit momentum. I believe that music can trigger YOU in the same way as it triggers ME. I want to show my version of Trance and Progressive House to the world.

Music supports us, it activates us and helps us staying at the right path. The world is open minded and beautiful. It needs us!